Resource #2:

Planning tools

  • Sample Annual Plan & Customizable Plan
      (Provided on Request)
  • Church Wide vs. Leadership Training Plan 0
       (Provided on Request)
  • Leadership Interest Survey 
    ​  (Provided on Request)
  • Outreach Ideas (Provided on Request)



Resource #3:

implementation tools

  • Visitor Card (Provided on Request)
  • Guest Tracking (Provided on Request)
  • Follow-up Plan (Provided on Request)
  • Bible Study Curriculum 
      (Provided on Request)
  • How to Teach a Bible Study Guide
    ​  (Provided on Request)

Once you have leadership buy-in and plan approval, you must implement the process from start to finish. This requires organization, diligence, attention to detail, time management, and teamwork. How will you ensure that no visitor or convert slips through the cracks? How will you detect if a leader is dropping the ball with follow-up, bible studies, or outreach responsibilities?  We are available to help you with the implementation process. Our goal is to make effective systems that are used 100% of the time on 100% of the people through your door to reach 100% of your growth potential!

Ongoing evaluation, improvement, and adjustments will be needed - but you can expect numerical and spiritual growth, even in your first year. We can help analyze your growth and design an even more effective and efficient outreach plan for the subsequent year. 

Resource #4:

Growth & Metric tools

  • EFFECTIVENESS:  Growth Tracking
     (Provided on Request)
  • EFFICIENCY: Advertising ROI Analysis
     (Provided on Request)
  • Leadership Satisfaction Survey 

Numbers don't lie. You may already see areas that you can improve. From here, you need to identify several key elements for the coming year. What is your growth strategy to reach all people (all ages, races, socioeconomic classes, geographical areas, and spiritual backgrounds)? What is your anticipated budget? Do you have any anticipated barriers to evangelism this year (weather, staffing, etc)? Do you have the trained staff to meet the needs of this plan? And how will you teach this plan to the church and encourage participation? 

The use of surveys, interviews, historical data analysis (retroactive study), and direct observation is the best way to gather objective data regarding the current status of your church. Are you growing? Are you retaining? Are you discipling? What methods are you using? Are the methods used working? What are you spending on these methods? Contact us for help with assessing your church status!

Resource #1:

ASsessment tools

  • Internal Membership Survey
      (Provided on Request)
  • External Visitor Survey 
      (Provided on Request)
  • Pastoral Survey & Record Review 
    ​   (Provided on Request)



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