As a seasoned evangelist and worship leader team, we preach revival services, conferences, crusades, special events, and provide pastoral sabbatical / vacation coverage Evangelist & outreach





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From website design, to direct mail campaigns, social media development, reviewing church budgets, and to honest feedback about services and structure, we can help you plan for revival.

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We can help teach your church and staff more consistent and effective methods. Core to this is developing a strategy, budget, plan, and systematic process to grow and retain.




Sometimes the best way to generate a new culture of growth, is to jump into the deep-end with a weekend series of leader training, group outreaches, and evangelistic revival services.
Apostolic Outreach Evangelist

“Braden's burden is communicated clearly as is his passion to reach the lost. He has been instrumental in mentoring others and building an awareness for the need of constant evangelism. We at EAC are very excited about the planned outreach efforts.” - Senior Pastor (Bellevue, WA, USA)

Northwest Church Leaders

Rev. & Dr. Braden Andersen is an endorsed UPCI evangelist and speaks at Pentecostal churches internationally. He is based out of Eastside Apostolic UPC, acts as the North American Missions Director for Washington (Sec 1), is married to ​Kindra Andersen (worship leader), and has several children. Together their focus is outreach, altar working, discipleship, and retention. To minimize costs for churches, Braden still maintains bivocational employment in Medicine. In addition to his background in Family Practice, ER, Hospitalist Medicine, and Regenerative Orthopedics, Dr. Andersen also has an MBA with a focus in management, marketing, and market-forecasting - a valuable addition to helping plan your church’s ongoing growth.

  • Evangelistic speaking
  • Church growth analysis
  • Outreach events/revivals
  • Retention/discipleship plans
  • Altar worker training
  • Launching bible studies
  • Defending doctrine sessions
  • Growth consulting
  • Leadership training
  • Health & nutrition classes
  • Youth purity classes
  • Creation seminars